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Temporary Bookings

Here at The Dove Partnership we think you deserve the best candidates and at the best rates. 

And that's why we offer this fantastic deal - we will ALWAYS give you 4 hours free for a new temp booking of 5 days or more, even if you are 100% happy with the candidate.

We think it's unfair that you should pay for your new temp whilst you're training them up. Even the best temp in the world won't know your systems inside out on day one,  so while you're inducting them into your company, we'll pay for them!

Yes, you read right. For any new temporary positions lasting 5 days or more, we will give you the first four hours absolutely FREE! 

We will pay the temp's salary, their NI and any benefits for those hours, even if you are pleased with them. This means you won't start paying for them until they know exactly what they're doing and can get on with the job properly!

It's important to stress that even if the best temp you've ever had walks through your doors, and even if you are 100% happy with them, you still won't pay a penny for those first four hours because we believe you deserve the chance to train them, for free.

This could save you between £37.84 and £104.52. And if for some reason you're not satisfied (even though this is a rare occurrence at The Dove), we will happily replace your temp with a more suitable candidate. 

No other agencies offer this, so get in touch today to take advantage of this promise!

We also believe that recruitment doesn't fit into a 9-5 day any more. So if you ask us for a temp on Sunday night, to start on Monday morning, we will secure you the best temp we can, whatever the time of day.