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Graduate Internship Scheme

Innovation from the Dove Partnership! – facilitating the bringing together of local graduates with local businesses.

Graduates will be back from University for the summer break and many of them now realise that no matter how good their degree is, it is not always enough to secure them a suitable position. The main reason being is because many companies are looking for some form of past hands on commercial experience.

The Dove Partnership can now help by initiating The Dove Internship Scheme.

We propose to offer graduates the chance to gain work experience within a number of participating companies. This will work in the same way the centuries old “Barter” system worked i.e. the graduate would receive no pay (companies may wish to offer expenses) and the Dove Partnership will charge no fees for placing the graduate. No FEES, no temporary or contract charges, no invoice no nothing just the services of the graduate.

If you are an employer or a graduate looking for employment and would like to learn more about the Dove’s Internship Scheme please contact John Sims or Safron Morris on 01279 65443.

We very much look forward to hearing from you.